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Wisdom Sounds Like (WSL) was inspired by the Wisdom 2.0 conference in 2014, a conference that brought (or brings, it still exists) together scientists, psychologists, engineers, CEOs of big businesses etc., and they discuss how to live mindfully in the digital age. WSL centers around the science, technology and sociology of sound. Some of our topics:

  • the auditory system and how we hear
  • the skills of listening
  • 3D audio and virtual reality
  • hearing and healthy aging

We’ll at times curate and discuss content from researchers & artists, writers or podcasters… for example, do safe headphones for kids actually exist? Or, what happens to our nervous system when we ride the horribly loud 6 train in NYC?

We’ll engage in some self-experimentation and product testing. We’ll interview designers of new technologies from entertainment devices, like sound for VR, all the way to medical devices, like hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs).

Audiology and the effects of hearing damage will play a big role in WSL. You might think: ok, hearing loss, it’s this tiny part of our health our grandparents suffer from, but it actually has profound implications on not only how we communicate with others but our sense of self, our identity. And research is starting to show that less obvious types of hearing damage are occurring earlier than people realized. People aren’t talking about hearing loss enough today, so we really want to shine a spotlight on this.

These are all the things the WSL blog will be exploring and discussing, again, some of the info will be original, other parts will be curated.

If you listen to the audio intro to the WSL blog, the second half includes my vocalized musings on the following episodes of the TED Radio Hour: