Mindfulness and Audiological Rehabilitation

Romona Mukherjee, Sum Yee Fong and I presented a session at the annual AudiologyNOW 2017 conference last month in Indianapolis, IN. Attendees included audiologists, researchers and audiology students. We wanted to share the curated resource list and handout that we offered to the attendees.  Resources include Apps (like Headspace), Talks from Wisdom 2.0 (including “Relational Intelligence in Healthcare” by Dr. Laura Esserman), Podcasts including Tim Ferriss interviewing Tara BrachToys like Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband and Books such as Counseling Infused Audiologic Care by John Greer Clark and Kristina English. Click here for the complete list and here for a handout on “Simple Ways to be Mindful” and mindfulness statistics. 

laura sinnott, romona mukerjee, sum-yee fong

Just after our presentation at AudiologyNOW! 2017

Research in mindfulness is growing exponentially.